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Building a business case
E-commerce or brick and mortar? What's the future for FinTech industry in Malaysia? Answers to questions like these can't be left to gut feel.

OARIZEN's consulting and advisory services precisely help you capture the industry landscape as accurate and fast as possible, so that you are equipped with data, insights and ideas to validate, support and present your business case even before you plunge in to a time consuming and expensive product development cycle.

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Positioning & branding
There are many roads to your and your customer's needs but there is an optimal one that fits the competitive landscape. We help you discover that road.

Be it growth, brand, design, UX, communications or campaign management, we at OARIZEN, through our research and insights, help you formulate strategy, approach and plan that are unique, impactful, results driven and implementable.

It takes time to formulate the plan. Hence earlier we get involved the better.

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Creating a Proof of Concept
Investing in business ideas without proof can be a hit-and-miss affair.

Our High-fidelity Proof of Concept (PoC) solutions can help you visualize your ideas, explore possibilities, validate assumptions, build consensus, test its working, foresee implementation challenges and get investor buy-in.

Plus, we develop prototypes that are ready to integrate with your backend code, so that no effort goes waste and you save time when you decide to go live.

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Product development
In a multi-vendor scenario, converting a business plan into a workable product can result in a collaboration mess and, ultimately, distort the original narrative.

With OARIZEN, now you can have a seamless development and delivery experience that is defined by business goals and not by technology team's expertise.

Delivered through our trusted partners, OARIZEN is still your single point of contact, so that you don't need to run from pillar to post under timeline pressures.

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Marketing services
We help you to catch your customer at right touchpoints, right time and in a right way. Putting  your invested efforts, time and money to results.

Coupled with research, insights, strategy, branding, UI-UX and creative narrative, our go-to-market services ensure you get customer attention, narration that fits product, opportunity and, generate leads and conversion.

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Help & Support

Digital product journey solutions
Communicating your product or services to your target audience at various stages of the journey can be different and should be optimised.

Whether your brand is on the rise or entering the plateau, speak to us and we will help you with the alignment or refresh it needs.

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